Love Enenche is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, worshipper and praise leader. She released a new single titled: HAMASHIACH in December 2021.

On the inspiration for the song Island Roots Music Group artist Love Enenche reflects,

“In 2019, I was worshiping God on my knees middle of the night as usual. Then I became lost in Him. The presence of God was so heavy that night that He connected me to the sound room, and in the physical realm, I found myself singing.”

Love Enenche adds,

HAMASHIACH, is not just a name but a description of whom we serve. There’s power in the name of Jesus. In Hebrew, HAMASHIACH translates to ‘The Anointed One’ (Yeshua Hamashiach or Messiah The Anointed One’).  I believe that all that we have known and all that we will ever know and discover is because of HAMASHIACH.”

For Love Enenche, HAMASHIACH is a song birthed out of deep intimacy with God.

The album is available for purchase, streaming, and downloading on all digital music services.

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