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Love Ihotu Enenche hails from Benue State, Nigeria,  and is a native of Idoma from the Ogbadibo local government.

She has a BSC in Mass Communications from Benue State University and a PGD in Education from a private university in  Abuja,Nigeria.

She the daughter of Chief D.E and Titi Paul Enenche, and comes from a polygamous household with many siblings.

Love Enenche has been singing since her childhood. She joined the children’s choir in her church and then graduated to the adult choir where she was one of the lead vocalists and  referred to as the “golden voice”.

Love Enenche is  a spirit-filled born-again child of  God and a member of Dunamis International Gospel Center in Abuja, Nigeria.

Love Enenche is featured in many church programs, concert events, and other musical gospel events.

She has produced a variety of singles under  the Island Roots Music Group label including the recently released Caribbean African American Gospel Video Awards  nominated  HAMASHIACH, which is making waves both nationally  and internationally.

About Me

Hamashiach by Love Enenche

HAMASHIACH is not only just a name but a description of whom we serve. I believe there’s power in the name of Jesus. In Hebrew, HAMASHIACH translates to ‘The Anointed One’,  Yeshua Hamachiach – Messiah. All that we’ve known and all that we will ever know and discover is because of HAMASHIACH.” Love Enenche, Abuja, Nigeria.

No Other Name
Love Enenche & Marcell Taylor

Love Enenche

I Believe
Love Enenche

You Are Great
Love Enenche

I`m Not Afraid
Love Enenche

Let Me See Your Face
Love Enenche