Joshua Mwanza


Joshua Mwanza

Joshua Mwanza has  had a passion of spreading the Gospel through music since he was a young child. At a young age, he listened to all  types of Music including Gospel music. He was also part of the Sunday school praise team under the  Reformed Church of Zambia.

Joshua recorded his first song when he was a Grade 11  student at Mpika Boys Secondary School in 2014.  His second song was recorded in 2015- at that time the studios available to him had  low sound quality.

Joshua is thrilled to be part of the roster of artists at Island Roots Music Group where he has already produced his latest song, an amazing spiritual testimony called Nilipano(I am here to Worship You). 


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Nilipano Lyrics(English Translation)

Nilipano niyamika dzina lanu

I  am here to worship your name

Inu oyera kulibe ofanana  nanu

You who is Holy there is no one who is like you